This page shows the development of our own house

The story starts in Remetschwil in 2004....

February 2004
"The perfect plot is finally found...." : Parzelle No. 993, Eigerweg, Remetschwil CH-5453, Switzerland
tn_visit_22_02_04%20003.jpg tn_visit_22_02_04%20004.jpg
"Also in the snow...."
tn_visit_29_02_04%20002.jpg tn_visit_29_02_04%20007.jpg tn_visit_29_02_04%20011.jpg

March 2004

"No Heather!!....."
tn_visit_07_03_04%20001.jpg tn_visit_07_03_04%20002.jpg
May 2004
"The basic layout of the house is finialised...only small details like fixtures, fittings, colours of walls etc. etc. to be decided...."

Our Architect's Home Page is here

June 2004
"The building poles go up....and the Baugesuche appears in the paper....only 20 days to the 'Baubewilligung' "

July 2004
"A 'pause' in the design process due to other events.....

August 2004
"The 'Baubewilligung' is achieved - no objections!  There is nothing stopping us now.....

October 2004
"After a short break, the build has finally started : 21st October 2004.......
21st October 04 24th October 04

30th Ocobert 04

November 2004

"The house is really starting to take shape.......


December 2004
"The basement is finished in time for year the rest of the house will come...."


April 2005
"The house really looks like a house....what happened between Dec & April!?"

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